Overview Edit

Vincent is a supporting character in Deminia path. He is an item shop owner's son in Deminia capital. He deicided to aid Ada in her mission not only to end the war, but also to hunt rare plants he may come across.

Personality Edit

Vincent is a clever person. He prefers to keep everything simple. He can get curious with new, unfamiliar things which catches his attention.

Role Edit

Vincent has big impact in Deminia path, by aiding Ada in her journey. However, he has minor role once the story branches during chapter 10 and in other paths.

Strategy Edit

A versatile long-ranged magician. Vincent starts with basic healing skills, which makes him the only healer for a while if you go with Deminia route, and then he starts learning tier 2 magic. He is very versatile, but once you have more sorcerers, you can see how terrible he is. He has middling INT and WIS and his other stats are low, but you have a reason to keep him around once he learns his special attack; ‘Magica Creation’ which spends limit for a free Ultra Magica to fully recover someone’s AP. There’s no reason to keep him in front, so you should keep him at the back since he dies fast.

Special attack: ‘Magica Creation’. Very useful skill which saves a lot of money to spend on Magica late-game, and may be the only reason to keep Vincent around.


  • Can exploit enemy’s weakness easily.
  • Can attack from the back row in case he runs out of AP.
  • ‘Magica Creation’ saves a ton of cash.


  • Low endurance.
  • Overall low stats.
  • Has no real strength.
  • Has no other reason to keep around other than ‘Magica Creation’

Arts and Special Edit

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Heal Learnt Recovers minor HP. 8 Any One ally 125
Unseal 4 Removes seals. 5 Any One ally
Aid 8 Removes ailments. 5 Any One ally
Frost Nova 11 Frozen ice flower. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Wind Sickles 13 Slashing wind. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Nightmare 17 Reversed hopes. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Prism 21 Colorful rainbow. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Voltage 25 Drang power. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Inferno 29 Burns to ash. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Claymore 33 Earth sword. 20 Any Enemy row 150

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Magica Creation 20 Instantly creates Ultra Magica. 2 Any One ally
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