Overview Edit

Ricky is an trainee Alexis priest from Callistan monastery. He is sent to pilgrimage by aiding Canaan in his demon extermination.

Personality Edit

Ricky is a modest priest. He is very calm even in the most dire situation.

Role Edit

Ricky is a support character in Callistan troop. He is the first full-fledged healer who permanently joins Canaan.

Strategy Edit

A quick and potent healer. Ricky is the first healer you get if you go with Callista path. Ricky is a quite quick healer while there are better healers than him; he can make the other healers free from their healing duties and focus on something else. Ricky is one of the two characters who learn ‘Heal All’, but he learns it later than Arianna. Therefore, there is more reason to use him over other healers. Even better, he learns ‘Aid More’ and ‘Unseal More’ while Arianna never does, and he also learns ‘Regenerate’ sooner than Arianna. If you have spare limit, you can use his special attack ‘Divine Intervention’ to recover massive HP while removing ailments and seals from the party. Ricky has better HP, ATK, AGI, and LUK than Arianna, making him last-resort front-liner in Callista path due to how scarce a tank and melee attacker is, but once you cooperate with either or both kingdoms, he should move to the back row.

Special attack: ‘Divine Intervention’. It is stronger ‘Heal All’, combined with party-wide Aid and Unseal. Can save the party and even prevent a lot of chaos from happening. Very good to use.


  • Quick, potent healing.
  • Can do decent physical attack.
  • Great healing when using special attack.


  • Negligible magic damage.
  • Middling DEF, WIS, and AGI hinders him to protect himself well.

Arts and Special Edit

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Heal Learnt Recovers minor HP. 8 Any One ally 125
Unseal 4 Removes seals. 5 Any One ally
Aid 5 Removes ailments. 5 Any One ally
Heal More 13 Recovers moderate HP for a row. 16 Any Ally row 150
Icicle 19 Frozen pierce. 8 Any One enemy 125
Revitalize 24 Brings back a defeated ally with quarter HP. 15 Any One ally
Regenerate 27 HP recovers periodically. 20 Any Ally row 75
Unseal More 30 Removes a row's seals. 12 Any Ally row
Aid More 31 Removes a row's ailments. 12 Any Ally row
Heal All 37 Recovers massive HP for party. 32 Any Party 175

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Divine Intervention 20 Seasoned healing magic. 3 Any Party 200
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