Overview Edit

Pines is the gaia sorcerer. He is the son of Naturalist chieftain Sage. He is the future Naturalist chieftain for being the firstborn. Other than exterminating the demons, he also looks for his long-lost sister Licorice who was lost for 10 years, due to last decade's demon invasion.

Personality Edit

Pines is a responsible person. He is also compassionate about his close friends and family. He will never leave them behind.

Role Edit

Pines is the third sorcerer who joins the party in Deminia path. He gets involved in the war under his father's permission and support.

Strategy Edit

A support magic tank. Pines has high tier HP, WIS, and LUK. He is the second best magic tank, after Simon. However, he is considered as a late-riser due to his lack of skills early on. He can do decent magic damage with his spells and supports with his skills, namely: ‘Aid’ and ‘Unseal’ for recovery, and debuff. He also learns ‘Heal More’ later on, but he is the one who learns it the latest since he’s not a full-fledged healer. At high level, he learns ‘Seal Chain’ and ‘ALL DOWN’, which are useful in most situations. His ‘ALL DOWN’ is identical with Canaan’s, and ‘Seal Chain’ causes random seals on all enemies and regenerates to all allies for 2 turns, making him available for other actions. Since he has high endurance, it’s recommended to place him in front to withstand damage, but in case that there are too many characters fill the front row, you may opt to place him at the back.

Special attack: ‘Mother Earth’. It’s ‘Claymore’ with more damage.


  • Great LUK for accurate seals and critical.
  • Good damage output and AoE.
  • Great support.
  • Can attack from the back row in case he runs out of AP.
  • Normal attack hits a line.


  • Runs out of AP quickly, especially at high level.
  • Meaningless ATK.

Arts and Special Edit

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Ground Ball Learnt Boulder dash. 8 Any One enemy 125
Unseal Learnt Removes seals. 5 Any One ally
Aid Learnt Removes ailments. 5 Any One ally
LUK DOWN 8 Increases LUK. 10 Any One enemy -40
AGI DOWN 13 Decreases AGI. 10 Any One enemy -40
Claymore 18 Earth sword. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Heal More 22 Recovers moderate HP for a row. 16 Any Ally row 150
Seal Chain 32 Curses with seal. 16 Self Self (aura)
ALL DOWN 35 Decreases ATK, DEF, MAG, RES, AGI and LUK. 25 Any One enemy -20
Ground Shake 38 Nature's vengeance. 50 Any All enemies 175

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Mother Earth 15 Mother earth's condemnation! 2 Any Enemy row 200
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