Overview Edit

Phoebe is a dragoon with good knowledge of gunpowder. She is a childhood friend of Alexander and Kyle. Her brother was murdered by a mysterious figure five years prior to the story and she believes that the cause is otherworldly power. She is looking for the murderer to avenge her brother.

Personality Edit

Phoebe is a brave but a bit reckless. She loves fighting, a total opposite of Diana. She doesn't mind guarding the people who are dear in her heart.

Role Edit

Phoebe is a staple member in Auria path since she joins the party very early. She has been a helpful member of Alexander's troop.

Strategy Edit

A heavy attacker and physical tank. Phoebe is a great physical damage dealer. She has enormous area skills called ‘Barrage’ which causes damage in large area while inflicting an ailment. Her high ATK and good LUK make her a great attacker, while her HP and DEF are high enough for her to tank. However, she has horrible WIS and AGI, which make her vulnerable towards magic and also makes her evasion and hit rate minimum, so inflicting her targets with agility seal or paralysis is an optimal way to avoid a lot of frustrations. While her INT is also low, it doesn’t matter a lot on her since she won’t use ‘Singe’ a lot. Due to her nature, placing at the back row is better than the front row. She has too many factors which can kill her so quickly despite of how defensive she is.

Special attack: ‘Carpet Bombing’. Plain and simple. It hits all enemies for moderate damage. There are better special attacks, but it is not bad whatsoever.


  • Good damage output and scope.
  • Great HP, ATK and DEF.
  • Skills cause ailments.
  • Cheap skills.
  • Can attack from the back row.


  • Terrible INT, WIS, and AGI.
  • Attacks miss a lot.
  • Can’t tank well due to her low WIS and AGI, coupled with her weapon range.

Arts and Special Edit

Physical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Bomb Learnt Exploding Projectile. 12 Long All enemies 120
Freeze Barrage 7 Freezing explosion. 17 Long 3 Enemies 100
Poison Barrage 12 Poisonous explosion. 17 Long 3 Enemies 100
Sleep Barrage 18 Slumbering explosion. 17 Long 3 Enemies 100
Panic Barrage 22 Chaotic explosion. 17 Long 3 Enemies 100
Blind Barrage 32 Blinding explosion. 17 Long 3 Enemies 100
Stop Barrage 36 Paralyzing explosion. 17 Long 3 Enemies 100
All Out! 40 Bombard Parade! 32 Long All enemies 150

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Fortify 15 Increases own DEF. 8 User User +50
Singe 29 Catch a fire. 8 Any One enemy 140

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Carpet Bombing 20 Mega missile from the sky! 2 Long All enemies 175
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