Overview Edit

Licorice (or 'Ori' for short) is the daughter of Sage and sister of Pines. She was separated from the Naturalist tribe due to demon invasion ten years prior to the story. She was found and raised in Pearl Coast.

Personality Edit

Ori is a sweet girl. She is interested in chain magic even though she is not raised in her tribe.

Role Edit

Ori is more like Pines' assistant than anything else. She is found near her brother in most situations due to past trauma.

Strategy Edit

A debuff support. Ori learns some different ‘Chains’ skills to inflict various ailments. Because the ‘Chains’ last 3 turns, she can cast some debuffs or cast ‘Claymore’. Since she has the best LUK in the game, her ‘Circles’ are accurate and deadly. Her attacks hit a line, but since her ATK is so low, it doesn’t matter much. Due to her low endurance, it’s better to place her at the back row.

Special attack: ‘Natural Selection’. It is a better version of ‘Death Song’ which can cause major chaos in enemy party. Very worthy to use.


  • Amazing LUK.
  • Great support.
  • Can attack from the back row in case she runs out of AP.
  • Normal attack hits a line.


  • Meaningless ATK.
  • Low endurance.

Arts and Special Edit

Magical Art Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Blind Chain Learnt Curses with blindness. 16 Self Self (aura)
Poison Chain Learnt Curses with poison. 16 Self Self (aura)
WIS DOWN 11 Decreases WIS. 10 Any One enemy -40
DEF DOWN 12 Decreases DEF. 10 Any One enemy -40
Slumber Chain 15 Curses with sleep. 16 Self Self (aura)
Claymore 18 Earth sword. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Chaos Chain 23 Curses with confusion. 16 Self Self (aura)
Nerve Chain 28 Curses with paralysis. 16 Self Self (aura)
INT DOWN 36 Decreases INT. 10 Any One enemy -40
ATK DOWN 37 Decreases ATK. 10 Any One enemy -40

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Natural Selection 20 Nature's disease-rich roots. 3 Any All enemies
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