Overview Edit

Kyle is the crown prince of Auria and also Alexander's elder brother. He is better in diplomacy than fighting which makes him leave the party once in Auria path and once again if Auria is the secondary kingdom.

Personality Edit

Kyle is a stern person. A total opposite of his easy-going brother. He also tends to focus on what he does.

Role Edit

Kyle is the main supporting character in Auria path. He aids Alexander in diplomacy sides more often than fighting in early game.

Strategy Edit

A tank character. He has the highest HP in the game, paired with amazing DEF and average WIS. Because of his heavy gears, he is slow which makes his attacks miss quite much. Ability-wise, he’s good at buffing and even learns ‘Knighthood’ and some supports, but he lacks of offensive skills. The only offensive skills he has are ‘Bolt’, which is bad when paired with his low INT, and ‘Earth Stab’ which is great for massive damage towards all enemies and cause paralysis. Overall Kyle is a self-sufficient tank with the ability to boost his advantage even further with his own skills. Since he is a tank, it’s better to put him in the front row.

Special Attack: ‘Aegis Shield’. Grants physical block for party. Can save a lot of lives if used well.


  • Unmatched endurance.
  • Good weapon range for a tank.
  • He fulfills his main role well.
  • ‘Aegis Shield’ can save a lot of lives.


  • Terrible AGI which makes his attacks miss a lot.
  • No offensive skills until high level.

Arts and Special Edit

Physical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Earth Stab 36 Trembling ground. 38 Any All Enemies 150

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Fortify Learnt Increases own DEF. 8 User User +50
DEF UP 8 Increases DEF 10 Any One ally +40
Bolt 14 Sturm of thunder 8 Any One enemy 125
Knighthood 16 Increases own ATK, DEF, AGI, and LUK. 15 User User +15
AGI UP 21 Increases AGI. 10 Any One ally +40
Aid 25 Removes ailments. 5 Any One ally
Unseal 28 Removes seals. 5 Any One ally
AGI DOWN 33 Decreases AGI. 10 Any One Enemy -40
ALL UP 36 Trembling ground. 38 Any One ally +20

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Aegis Shield 20 Secret art of physical protection. 3 Any Party
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