Overview Edit

Jeremy is known to be a hot-headed and merciless serial killer. He has been hunted down by Lillith and Zaskia due to his bloody "hobby".

Personality Edit

Jeremy is a hot-headed and merciless when it comes to combat. He is also kind of psychopath.

Role Edit

He turns from a serial killer into Alexander's mercenary. While he can still do his "hobby", he now has Lillith and Zaskia to keep an eye on him in case he goes too far.

Strategy Edit

A seasonal attacker. Jeremy is a strong attacker, but he is a bit late-riser due to learning the skills late. He learns ‘Berserk!’ early on, but upon using the skill, he becomes uncontrollable, but deals increased damage while receives more damage too. Doing so also avoids Jeremy to use too much AP, making him a formidable enemy when you need him to use something else. He learns ‘Execute’ and ‘Earthquake’ later on, while these skills are great, you should have covered the mob control role by now, and he’s best used for automatic attacks. His stats are good enough. High enough HP, but low DEF and WIS are really paid off with the damage he possibly does. If you wonder his ‘Rampage’ is useful, it’s actually risky to use due to its targets to be allies and enemies alike. Jeremy has to be in the front row to shine. Putting him in the back row renders him to be useless.

Special attack: ‘Rampage’.Good damage to 5 targets. Very risky to use since it may backfire if you get unlucky.


  • Sealing cuts help a lot for reducing damage.
  • Good damage output
  • A good target for stacking buff on, especially when going berserk.
  • Good Supports.


  • Lacks offensive skills early on.
  • Dies quickly during berserk.

Arts and Special Edit

Physical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Pinned Attack Learnt An accurate attack. 5 Short One enemy 105
Leg Cut 22 Amputates leg. 8 Short One enemy 110
Arm Cut 25 Amputates arm. 8 Short One enemy 110
Head Cut 28 Amputates head. 8 Short One enemy 110
Execute 31 Killing attack. 32 Short One enemy 175
Earthquake 34 Shake the earth. 38 Any All enemies 150

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Haste Learnt Increases own AGI. 8 User User +50
Berserk! Learnt Increases own ATK but decreases own DEF. 12 User User +40;-25
DEF DOWN 16 Decreases DEF. 10 Any One enemy -40
Ground Ball 36 Boulder dash. 8 Any One enemy 125

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Rampage 20 Uncontrollable strength! 2 5 Any One enemy 150
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