Overview Edit

Diana is the Divine Sorceress. She is a childhood friend of Alexander and Kyle.

Personality Edit

Diana is a very kind person, up to the time she gets mad. She used to be a doctor before turning into a sorceress, which is associated with her light element.

Role Edit

Diana is the first sorcerer who joins the party in Auria path. She, together with Phoebe aid Alexander in his journey to exterminate the demons.

Strategy Edit

A healer and magician. Diana is probably the quickest full-fledged healer in the game, which makes her suitable for being an emergency healer. Due to her middling INT, she can’t deal a lot of damage, but her magic is very useful towards dark elemental enemies, especially with low WIS. Diana can tank kind of well because of her high WIS and LUK, but she probably better placed at the back row due to the high demand of the front row. Her normal attack hits a row but still inferior.

Special attack: ‘Judgement’. It s ‘Prism’ with almost double damage, but since Diana’s INT is middling, it has quite low priority.


  • Good scope.
  • Can both heal and damage with magic.
  • Self-sufficient.
  • Can attack from the back row in case she runs out of AP.
  • Good WIS and LUK.
  • Best emergency healer.


  • Runs out of AP quickly, especially at high level.
  • Terrible ATK.
  • Learns Aid More and Unseal More very late

Arts and Special Edit

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Bright Sphere Learnt Light spark. 8 Any One enemy 125
Heal 6 Recovers minor HP. 8 Any One ally 125
Heal More 10 Recovers moderate HP for a row. 16 Any Ally row 150
Prism 13 Colorful rainbow. 20 Any Enemy row 150
LUK UP 19 Increases LUK. 10 Any One ally +40
Revitalize 26 Brings back a defeated ally with quarter HP. 15 Any One ally
Barrier 30 Increases own WIS. 8 User User +50
Aurora 33 Gradation overload. 50 Any All enemies 175
Unseal More 35 Removes a row's seals. 12 Any Ally row
Aid More 38 Removes a row's ailments. 12 Any Ally row

Special Edit

Art Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Judgement 15 God's judgement to purify evil souls! 2 Any Enemy row 200
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