Overview Edit

Cresando is the flare sorcerer. He is an old friend of Caroline; that's why she entrusts Ada to him in her absence.

Personality Edit

Cresando is a fiery and extrovert, just like his element. Before turning into a sorcerer, he was a poet, but his poets were known to have negative effects.

Role Edit

Cresando is the second sorcerer who joins the party in Deminia path. He is Ada's assistant in Caroline's absence.

Strategy Edit

A long-ranged magician. He can cause massive damage to his enemies by simply using his fire skills paired with his good INT. You can use him for a support too. He has the ‘Reflect’, ‘Boost’, and revival skill series, making him a worthy character to use. Since the sorcerers tend to run out of AP quickly, you may have to rely on his normal attacks sometimes, but since his ATK and AGI are decent enough, coupled with his boomerang which targets a row, he can do some damage that way.

Special attack: ‘Hell Fire’. It’s ‘Inferno’ with more damage.


  • Good damage output and scope.
  • Good support.
  • Can attack from the back row in case he runs out of AP.
  • Normal attack hits a row.


  • Runs out of AP quickly, especially at high level.
  • Terrible DEF and LUK.

Arts and Special Edit

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Singe Learnt Catch a fire. 8 Any One enemy 125
Physical Boost 6 Increases ATK and DEF. 13 Any One ally +30
Magical Boost 11 Increases INT and WIS. 13 Any One ally +30
Inferno 12 Burns to ash. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Attribute Boost 17 Increases AGI and LUK. 13 Any One ally +30
Physical Reflect 25 Cancels physical damage until the end of next turn. 64 Any One ally
Big Bang 29 Flame explosion. 50 Any All enemies 175
Revitalize 32 Brings back a defeated ally with quarter HP. 15 Any One ally
Magical Reflect 37 Cancels magical damage until the end of next turn. 64 Any One ally
Resurrect 40 Brings back a defeated ally with full HP. 30 Any One ally

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Hell Fire 15 The most impure fire coming from hell! 2 Any Enemy row 200
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