Overview Edit

Bartholomew is the Electric Sorcerer. Apparently, he is the only sorcerer who masters the art of sealing.

Personality Edit

Bartholomew is a serious person who never abandons what he is doing. He also pushes himself too hard which results more loses than gains.

Role Edit

Bartholomew is the only sorcerer who joins the party in Callista path. Since he loves sparring, he battles Canaan twice before agreeing to aid him in his mission.

Strategy Edit

A long-ranged magician. Bartholomew is the only Callistan sorcerer, but he has the best INT out of all playable characters, and he can increase it even further with ‘Boost’, making him an optimal magician. If you choose to make him a support mage at higher level, he has a lot of useful skills at his disposal. ‘Magical Reflect’ is good for protection, ‘Aid more’, ‘Unseal more’, and ‘Revitalize’ are good for recovery, and lastly, ‘Death Song’ and ‘Sealing Song’ are very good for causing chaos among the enemies, and even better, while paired with Ada or Zaskia, they can do a lot of damage with ‘Seal Lash’ and ‘Ail Slash’. Due to his high AP usage, he can be a primary target for Vincent's ‘Magica Creation’. Since he’s quite fragile, it is recommended to put him at the back row, but even so, his normal attack is ranged and targets a row, even though it’s inferior and too inaccurate compared to his magic.

Special attack: ‘Thordain’. It is ‘Voltage’ with more damage.


  • Unmatched INT
  • Good damage output and scope.
  • Great support.
  • Can attack from the back row in case he runs out of AP.
  • Normal attack hits a row.


  • Runs out of AP quickly, especially at high level.
  • Terrible ATK, DEF, and AGI.
  • Terrible endurance.

Art and Special Edit

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Bolt Learnt Sturm of thunder. 8 Any One enemy 125
Boost Learnt Increases own INT. 8 User User +50
Voltage 11 Drang power. 20 Any Enemy row 150
Magic Reflect 17 Cancels magical damage until the end of next turn. 64 Any One ally
Unseal More 23 Removes a row's seals. 12 Any Ally row
Aid More 24 Removes a row's ailments. 12 Any Ally row
Thunderstorm 27 Voltage overcharge. 50 Any All enemies 175
Sealing Song 30 Ultrasonic prelude. 36 Any All enemies
Death Song 32 Spooky prelude. 48 Any All enemies
Revitalize 33 Brings back a defeated ally with quarter HP. 15 Any One ally

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Thordain 15 A godly thunder strike! 2 Any Enemy row 200
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