Overview Edit

Arianna is an Alexis high bishop. She wants to aid both Celesia and Georgia in their journey.

Personality Edit

Arianna is a feminine and kind person. She always warns her comrade not to push themselves since it does more harm than good. She is especially annoyed when Bartholomew pushes himself too much.

Role Edit

Arianna fills a supportive role in Callistan troops. She often gives her wisdom to the party.

Strategy Edit

A slow, powerful healer. Arianna is a very potent healer due to her higher INT and learns better healing arts sooner. She learns identical healing arts as Ricky's, but she does not learn ‘Aid More’ and ‘Unseal More’. On the other hand, she learns ‘Heal All’ and ‘Revitalize’ sooner than Ricky and also learns ‘Resurrect’ and ‘Godspeed’ while Ricky never does. Arianna is very slow to balance her great power. She may be the last party member who does her action, but it can be negated by casting ‘Godspeed’ on herself. Since her ATK and defensive ability are lower than Ricky's, she should not be placed in the front row no matter how desperate you need one, since only her INT and WIS are higher than Ricky's.

Special attack: ‘Holy Tear’. Very strong ‘Heal All’. Can save a lot of lives. Definitely worthy to use if party does not have many ails and seals, else, use ‘Divine Intervention’ instead.


  • Unmatched healing capability.
  • Great support.


  • Too slow without ‘Godspeed’.
  • Low ATK and AGI.
  • Needs to be protected well.

Arts and Special Edit

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Heal Learnt Recovers minor HP. 8 Any One ally 125
Bright Sphere Learnt Light spark. 8 Any One enemy 125
Heal More 8 Recovers moderate HP for a row. 16 Any Ally row 150
Aid 14 Removes ailments. 5 Any One ally
Unseal 16 Removes seals. 5 Any One ally
Revitalize 19 Brings back a defeated ally with quarter HP. 15 Any One ally
Heal All 23 Recovers massive HP for party. 32 Any Party 175
Godspeed 27 Greatly increases action speed. 18 Any One ally
Resurrect 31 Brings back a defeated ally with full HP. 30 Any One ally
Regenerate 39 HP recovers periodically. 20 Any Ally row 70

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Holy Tear 20 Seasoned healing magic. 3 Any Party 250
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