Alexis Arc: Heroes of the Three Kingdoms is a JRPG made by AlphaDio Production in RPG Maker MV. The land of Eldeamor, where the game takes place, has increasing demons activity lately, and the game varies a lot in game play based on the kingdom the player chooses, whether it is Auria, Callista, or Deminia.

Development Team

The game is developed by AlphaDio Production which is located in Surabaya, Indonesia. The studio is run by one person, AlphaIsTimZ, the designer, writer, and artist of the project. With the built-in features of RPG Maker MV, plug-ins from Yanfly, and some self-made or community arts, the studio is self-sufficient, except for the marketing since it still needs a publisher.



Auria is a kingdom in the north-eastern part of Eldeamor. The kingdom is well-known for their Haloman knights and ruled by king David and Queen Manna. The kingdom features the best tank while being average in everything else.


Callista is a kingdom in the south-western part of Eldeamor. Apart from the holy knights, the kingdom has strong religious aspect in worshiping Goddess Alexis, the deity of the game and ruled by king Lester and queen Emelda. The kingdom features outstanding healing magic and ranged attacks while their melee and magic suffer.


Deminia is a kingdom in the north-western part of Eldeamor. Their magic knights serve the kingdom well, together with the Deminian Magic Academy which interests neighboring kingdoms and it is ruled by king Demario together with her daughter, Flora, and her only son, Veno. The kingdom features great magic and melee attack while their ranged attack and healing magic suffer.

Story and Plot

The game allows the player chooses their starting kingdom during a new game. Since different kingdoms feature different characters, the playing style differs greatly.

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The game has 25 playable characters with their own classes. They are spread in the three kingdoms.

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Alexis Arc: Heroes of the Three Kingdom is a Turn-based JRPG with row formation system which requires placing the units at the right spots for them to shine.

Row Formation

With the row formation, the battle requires involving more strategical actions to execute. Squishy characters should not be put in front row due to increasing hostility. Since the party caps at eight members and a maximum of five people a row, the player cannot place all eight members in the same row. Therefore, the only possible formation is 3-5, 4-4, and 5-3. Each character also have their preferred weapons which have ther own range and area of effect.


The game features eight basic elements: fire, ice, thunder, earth, wind, light, darkness, and neutral. Fire is strong against wind, wind is strong against earth, earth is strong against thunder, thunder is strong against ice, ice is strong against fire, and light and darkness oppose the other while strong against itself. Each character has his/her own element but it can also be affected by using the elemental stones.

Weapon Level

Each character has his/her own weapons and they are unique. In order to raise the level, an Ascension Star of the respective kingdom is needed. Characters from the respective kingdom should produce some shards after battle, and then fuse five shards into a star in the item shop!

Ether Creation and Crafting

Ether plays a big role in the game. Ether is a gem with various effects which can boost characters! The game has certain sets of ether creation for certain chapters at the end of every battle. In case you have multiple ether of the same kind, go to the item shop and fuse them together!

Special Arts

Each character has his/her own special attacks associated with their class. These skills are learnt at level 15 for the leading characters and sorcerers and level 20 for the rest. To use the actions, the player has to consume the party's limit gauge. 2-3 sections at a time, depending on the skill used.

Special attacks are very useful to turn the battle into player's favor. The characters' AP may cap at 100, but the player can fill the limit gauge by doing various things in battle, such as taking and receiving damage and getting a major boost if someone dies.


The game is currently at work in progress stage, with around 80% progress. The game is in alpha early access version in

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