Overview Edit

Ada is the crown princess of Deminia. She is sent to exterminate the demons in the kingdom. She also has great leadership.

Personality Edit

Ada is brave and strong. She hates showing weakness even during crushing defeat. She is kind of idealistic, but she has soft spot towards Celesia and Caroline.

 Role Edit

Ada is the leading character in Deminia path. She is required in every single Deminia story battle. Her whip, Dark Viper, evolves into Soul Seeker during chapter 28 when the Goddess Alexis blesses her.

Strategy Edit

A support and conditional attacker. Ada is a dangerous character. She can use head, arm, or leg whip to seal the respective limbs which can prevent a lot of damage and evasions. She also can boost attribute and cripple offense, which helps overcoming her low DEF and WIS. She also learns ‘Nightmare’ quite early if you want to use her for magical damage. However, her true strength comes from the late-game skills ‘Seal Lash’ and ‘Spread Seal’, which deals heavy damage to sealed target and spreads target’s seals respectively. Since she may run out of AP when using high-level skills, you can use her normal attacks since it targets a row. She is best placed in the front row for maximum damage output, but someone needs to protect her since her endurance is low.

Special attack: ‘Demon’s Tail’. Probably better than ‘Philia Strike’ and ‘Lucky Arrow’ since it hits a row, but for lower damage.


  • High damage output.
  • Good scope.
  • Spread Seal can shut all enemies down.
  • Cheap and versatile skills.
  • Normal attack hits a row.


  • Low endurance.

Arts and Special Edit

Physical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
Head Whip Learnt Gagging lash. 11 Middle One enemy 110
Arm Whip 3 Binding lash. 11 Middle One enemy 110
Leg Whip 6 Immobilizing lash. 11 Middle One enemy 110
Seal Lash 29 Tortures sealed target. 18 Middle One enemy 100 + 50 * seal
Spread Seal 34 Contagious seal. 20 Any One enemy

Magical Arts Edit

Art Lvl Description AP Range Scope Power
AGI UP 11 10 Any One ally +40
Nightmare 16 20 Any Enemy row 150
LUK UP 19 10 Any One ally +40
ATK DOWN 25 10 Any One Enemy -40
INT DOWN 27 10 Any One Enemy -40

Special Edit

Special Lvl Description PL Range Scope Power
Demon's Tail 15 Lashes with an otherwordly power, enough to cut through bones. 2 Middle Enemy row 2*140
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